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  • Emily & DanielleMinnesota dancers Emily Nies and Danielle Nelson aspire to the Great White Way! Their hearts, collective talent and drive will get them there. Watch for their names on Broadway theater marquees!

    "WOW! ... steamy, sexy, loved it! I enjoyed everything about the Gypsy Lives book series . From 60's history to scandal to lust. These books have it all. You need not be a performer or have an interest in the arts to appreciate these well written books." -Danielle Nelson

    "The Gypsy Lives book series are SMASH HIT'S. They take you behind the scenes into the offstage lives of Broadway Gypsies, as they travel city to city. Full of twists turns and unexpected events, they leave you guessing and begging for more! The writing is pleasurably descriptive and appeals to the senses ... not to mention enticingly SEXY! These are must read books for any aspiring gypsy." -Emily Nies

  • Paul Andrew WillisPaul Andrew Willis is a multi-talented theatre artist who can sing, act and write with equal acumen. His versatility will land him a place in show business whether performing or writing a winning screenplay.

    "Too often the chorus is taken for granted as beautiful, smiling, moving bodies adding background to shows. In her books, Gypsy Nights, Gypsy City and Gypsy World, Christine Fournier provides real life views into the excitement, drama and glittery lifestyle of the traveling dancer and theater world backstage. Performers will appreciate the stories and audience members will appreciate the humanization of these beautiful men and women affectionately called - Gypsies." -Paul Andrew Willis

  • Jennifer InderleeJennifer Inderlee is a fearless, multi-faceted actor, who can create a range of characters with surprising depth, focus and intensity. Versatile enough to do comedy and drama with equal acumen, look for her throughout Twin City theaters.

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