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  • To my theatre friends and all lovers of theatre, I recommend you read Gypsy Nights. You’ll enjoy life on the road with a bunch of ‘Gypsies.’ I know I did! Kudos!”
    -David B. Young

    Gypsy Nights is a great novel based on a Broadway tour in the 1960’s. It’s a fun read for all actors and those that wish they were. I loved it! Check it out!
    -Brian Kess

    Gypsy Nights—Lives on Tour” A wonderful backstage look at the lives of Broadway performers traveling city to city in 1963-64. Fabulous descriptions, sizzling scenes with real life drama for the adult reader.
    -Andrea Brandt

    Just finished Gypsy Nights; will need more copies for other show biz girlfriends, sure to be readers for the duration of the series.” -Jackie Steele

    A fantastic journey into the lives of dancers on a Broadway National tour in the 60’s. The descriptions are lush and made me want to go back to my theatre roots. I can’t recommend this book enough!
    -Tracie Hodgdon

    A perfect balance of narrative, character development and intrigue; look no further. I gobbled this book up in 24 hours and am hungry for more!”
    -Asha Menina

    Great writing, sexy, smart and a fun journey into the world of theatre. It was a pleasure getting to know each of the wonderful characters in this book. I had a great time on tour. Thank you for the backstage pass—can’t wait for the next book!
    -Tammy Belting

    Wow . . . steamy, sexy, loved it! I enjoyed everything about Gypsy Nights! From 60’s history, to scandal, to lust. This book has it all! You need not be a performer or have an interest in the arts to appreciate this well-written book. This one is a must read!”
    -Danielle Nelson

    I thoroughly enjoyed this backstage journey of what it’s like to be on the road with a professional Broadway touring company! Well done, bravo, and break a leg to the author! Check this one out, people!
    -Chuck Pekala

    Gypsy Nights is hot, hot, hot! This book takes you on buses, trains, streets and the back stage of theaters across the country during one of the most tenuous and liberating movements of the 20th century and does with amazing sex appeal. The style, feel, history, and pulse of the 60’s beats a drum through the entire book.
    -Jennifer Carpenter

    Gypsy Nights has everything . . . nail biting auditions in the heat of a New York summer, rehearsals that force the choreography of a hit musical into dancer muscles, eight shows a week, and life on the road. The characters and the world they live in for a year are fleshed out to perfection with Fournier’s onion-peeling revelations. This is a slip-under-the-covers-and-get-comfy kind of book full of guilty pleasures. I give it twelve stars on a scale of ten.
    -Sara Bartlett

    What a great book to curl up with! Based on the author’s personal life experiences, it’s a fascinating look at a life most of us can only dream about. I highly recommend this book!
    -Maris Edwards

    Once I started reading Gypsy Nights, it brought back many personal memories of touring. These stories are universal to ‘kids in the chorus’ everywhere.
    -Tony Vierling

    Gypsy Nights is a SMASH Hit! It takes you behind the scenes into the off stage lives of Broadway Gypsies as they travel city to city. Full of twists, turns and unexpected events, it leaves you guessing and begging for more! The writing style is pleasurably descriptive and appeals to the senses . . . not to mention it’s enticingly SEXY! This is a must read book for any aspiring gypsy.
    -Emily Nies

  • Back to the bright lights of Broadway, the touring cast of Bravo Business from ‘Gypsy Nights’ does a new show for Owen Matthews. The saga of romance, intrigue, drama and suspense unfold as ‘Centipede’ makes its journey to the Great White Way.
    -Jennifer Fournier

    Ms. Fournier paints a vivid picture of the trials and triumphs of life as a ‘Gypsy’. She puts her vast experience and knowledge of musical theatre into every chapter.
    -Kim Carlander

    A dazzling all dance review winds its way to NYC with continued cast romantica all the way. Friendships, challenges and secret lives, side by side on stage and off. ‘Gypsy City’ captures Musical Theatre in the 60’s as it really was; full of dreams, life, lots of sex and young love. A Great Story by and from one who really lived it.
    -Sara Bartlett

    Christine Fournier has found her muse and the right touch in bringing the world of Broadway theatre to life. She is able to successfully draw from experiences on the Broadway stage and magically tell the tales of the ‘Gypsy’ – the unsung hero/ine of the Broadway musical.
    -Kevin Rozman

    Gypsy City is a unique and provocative look at the seldom seen world of the Broadway Gypsy. Christine Fournier writes from her own experience as a Broadway dancer to take the reader on a delightful and racy escapade.
    -Tony Vierling

    Another Winner . . . a page turner . . . has everything you would expect from a former Broadway performer. Ms. Fournier tells everything about the life of Gypsies when the curtain comes down. All the challenges, struggles, life on tour, heartbreaks and finally the success of a ‘Smash Hit’ and, of course, the Romance! I can’t wait to read the next novel, Gypsy World, soon.
    -Sue Saltarelli

    Gypsy City! What can I say? Beautiful girls. Backstage intrigue. Sex and violence. All the things you need for a quiet, exciting read by the fire. I love this series. I can’t get enough!
    -Mike Tracy

    I enjoyed reading Gypsy City, an amazing story about Broadway and the performers who make it unique. I couldn’t put it down and am waiting for the next book.
    -Gerri Testa

    As a former Broadway and touring show performer, “Gypsy City” tells it like it was and, most likely still is. It brings to mind times of long rehearsals, try-out tours, friendships, affairs and romance. One wonders how the Gypsies did it? I still do. Thanks for the fond memories.
    -Bob Lambert

    Gypsy City resonates with many of my own show-biz memories. It makes me long for the days when the process of getting an audition, auditioning itself, and negotiating things like life on the road was simpler and more direct than now. What great adventures we all had.
    -J. C. Hoyt

    Gypsy City was even better than Gypsy Nights. More fun, more emotions and, more sex. Broadway stories don’t get any better. Can’t wait to read what happens next.
    -Joel Thom

    Want to know what it’s like to be a Broadway dancer? If so, read Ms. Fournier’s books! Christine guides the reader through training, auditions, and lives behind the scenes. Easy to read, hard to put down – readers become intimately involved with everyone putting on a Broadway show. A follow up to ‘Gypsy Nights’, this book continues stories of dancer’s lives on and off stage. Challenges, drama, lots of romantica and suspense; it’s all there to enjoy.
    -Maris Edwards

    Craving a titillating tale that lets your imagination run wild? Then Gypsy City is the book for you. Our beautifully crafted characters from Gypsy Nights are back! Only this time, the adventure is full of controversy, excitement, heartache, sensuality and, of course, sex!!! The gypsies are opening a new show on Broadway! Christine’s writing sparkles as brightly as a Broadway marquee against the midnight sky. The erotica, lust and scandal are back, stronger than ever. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride to - The Great White Way.
    -Danielle Nelson

    Gypsy City’ proved to be as exciting as ‘Gypsy Nights’. Mally and her dancer friends lead intense and complicated lives behind the curtains. It’s a sexy wild ride. I’m looking forward to Ms. Fournier’s next book in the series.
    -Joan LeSiege

  • Who wouldn’t want to revisit some of the best stories about show biz dancers ever? The Broadway Gypsy Lives Series explodes the pages with good friends and, spicy good enemies. In Gypsy World – Beyond Broadway, the characters we’ve loved and loved to hate in the first two books thrill us and break our hearts again with brilliantly scribed stories taking us and the gypsies to Japan!
    -Sara Bartlett

    The continuing saga of the dancers gets more fun as story continues. Our favorite characters are now covered with more depth as their adventures travel the world. I really enjoyed this new territory. Can’t wait to read on as the journey continues.
    -Suzie Olson

    I’m anxious to see where the characters go in their careers and with each other in the next book! Ms. Fournier has the rare talent of connecting the reader directly with the story, being transported to that era in history. Once I start reading her novels, I can’t put them down!
    -Sheila Goodwin

    Whoa! Gypsy World – Beyond Broadway goes global! Set on Broadway and in Japan, readers of this wonderful series we’ll experience a new high. Add to the mix, new loves start, old ones continue and some languish. Ms. Fournier’s description of 1960’s Japan is like actually being in a travelogue. The tension never lets up. I love the new characters almost as much as our regular cast. I can’t wait for the next installment!
    -Mike Tracy

    The third book in the Gypsy series is rich with a broad mix of familiar and new characters to give the narrative maturity and dimension. Ms. Fournier beautifully moves her Broadway gypsies through a myriad of personal and professional events. You’ll live with her characters as they navigate the grueling but rewarding work of a touring company abroad, along with the backstage drama of real lives. Fournier has left nothing out, including the hot sex!
    -Susan Dempsey

    The Broadway Gypsy Series is great! I can’t wait to read the next one, Gypsy Road – New Adventures! Each book is better than the last!
    -Gerri Testa

    For a glimpse of the fascinating and exciting lives of Broadway dancers you can do no better than the Broadway Gypsy Lives series. The author has walked the walk and now takes us along on the trip.
    -Dennis Rystad

    Too often the chorus is taken for granted as beautiful, smiling, moving bodies, but in the Gypsy series books, Ms. Fournier provides a glimpse into the glittery lifestyle of the traveling dancer; a good look at the excitement and drama of the theater world backstage. Performers will appreciate the stories and audience members will appreciate the humanization of these beautiful men and women of the chorus.
    -Paul Willis, Jr.

    Just when I thought it couldn’t get any hotter, along came Gypsy World – Beyond Broadway! Wow, what a ride!
    -Joel Thom

    Konnichiwa! Stamp your passport as you travel to the sights and sounds of Tokyo, Japan! New city, culture, customs and love interests. Each installment of this series does not disappoint! Can’t wait to see what happens when Broadway goes to Hollywood!
    -Jennifer Fournier

    Broadway Gypsy Lives series is an intriguing look into the complex life of the Broadway dancer. For those in the business it is a reminder of the exciting, living-on-the-edge kind of life it is. For others, it is an eyeopener into a world many dream of, but few achieve. Gypsies are a special breed; they’re driven, focused, tough, vulnerable and extremely talented; a complex combination all rolled into one. Gypsy World – Beyond Broadway touches on all these points and more!
    -Zoe Sealy

  • I have been living vicariously through Christine Fournier’s series since Gypsy Nights, showing a behind-the-scenes look of what it truly is to be a gypsy and all that entails! Mixing fact and fiction (based on real life events), it should be a must read for every person contemplating life in the theatre. My only disappointment is the amount of time that passes between each book. I have read the entire series and it makes me feel as if I have lived these experiences myself…and I have!
    –Richard Skipper, Richard Skipper Celebrates (Richard Skipper.com)

    Like Christine’s first three novels in this eye-popping series, “Gypsy Road” is written straight from the heart, with an insider’s knowledge of the guts and talent it takes to go down the dancing road. And you get to take the ride!
    –Denise Tabet

    Check out the Gypsy series books by Christine Fournier.  They are must reads. Once you start, you cannot put the books down! Gear up for the best read and ride with the Gypsies!  Ms. Fournier is able to transport the reader into the story and characters. For all stage non-performers here’s the chance to live the Gypsy life.
    –Sheila Goodwin

    Chocked full of steamy encounters, laughs and surprises.  One revelation had me shouting, “OH NO!” I loved every page of it.  I can’t wait to see what Christine Fournier serves up next!
    –Joel Thom

    Ms. Fournier’s Gypsy Road is the fourth work in her series celebrating the Broadway dancer. Once again she deftly continues the saga of her talented troupe with insight and skill!
    –Dr. Kevin Rozman

    The characters of Christine Fournier’s gypsy series live their lives on two fronts; The stage and reality. They create art on stage, but the real theatricality is in their reality.
    –Michael Tracy

    Gypsy Road, the 4th novel of Christine Fournier’s series continues to take the reader behind the scenes of a touring Broadway show.  She gives us a real feel for the lifestyle of Broadway gypsies.
    –Dennis Rystad

    I loved the continuing saga of those most glorious gypsies! All the characters are vividly drawn in all their nakedness. Enjoyed it immensely! The gypsy’s soul sizzles, weeps and laughs!
    –Michael Fischetti

    Reading Gypsy Road, the next book in Christine Fournier’s terrific series about Broadway dancers is like a reunion with wonderful old friends. Having a chance to catch up on the next days of their lives is such a guilty pleasure! And now, Owen is putting his Broadway hit, Bravo Business on the silver screen. This is where Fournier shines as she deftly writes about how the sausage gets made while putting a film together. I particularly enjoyed getting to learn all that from such a pro.  But wait!  There’s more! The tour of the hit show Centipede and its cast and crew that we’ve grown to love and hate so much is still very much on the pages with old loves, new loves, a mystery man, and so much more.  All in all, it’s a great curl-up-in-your-jammies read. Fournier is at the top of her writing with Gypsy Road. It’s a page-turner in the very best sense.
    –Sara Bartlett

    From the silver screen to the lights of Broadway, your favorite gypsies are back!  When the Japan cast of Centipede gets backed for a west coast tour, the twists and turns of the journey will leave you pleading for more. With each and every turn of a page you are invited to indulge in all the scandal, romance and politics you’ve come to yearn and expect.  As always, Fournier’s seamless writing allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy the journey into Gypsy Road!
    –Danielle Nelson

    Lights, Camera, Action for Hollywood!  It’s a whole new ballgame when Broadway’s big man on campus, Owen Matthews, becomes the new kid on the block in Tinsel town!  Gypsy Road has it all; romance, villains, drama and divas….and isn’t that the definition of Hollywood?
    –Jennifer Fournier

    Once again, the gypsies we’ve come to know through author Christine Fournier’s previous novels, are on the road, this time taking their international cast to the west coast.  Readers have come to love the characters, especially Mally, as she journeys to becoming a major force in the musical theatre. Other characters get new opportunities, but then I should say no more! If you have followed Ms. Fournier’s gypsies, then this is a sequel that you need to read and enjoy. It has more of everything we’ve come to expect in her novels; easy reading, sex, descriptive phraseology, sex, twists and turns, and did I mention sex? Get it, read it, and enjoy!
    –Maris Edwards

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